Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Paul Rudd and Fake Belly Buttons

I had a dream last night that I was dating Paul Rudd, and we were one of those artsy fartsy couples who would be likely have a public access cable show. He was wearing a macrame or crocheted sweater that looked like it would better serve as a doily and said things like, "I'm so inspired by you. I just want to create because you inspire me so." I have a pretty big crush on Paul Rudd, but after last night, I think he may be ruined for me.

I was an interior designer. I was busy with the final touches for a party my BFF (who was an event planner in the dream) was throwing. There were water features, gauzy curtains, and huge couches with silky jewel tone pillows. All-in-all, a pretty sexy party pad, if I don't say so myself.

BFF was wearing an incredibly revealing gown that I'll have to tell her about later, and she looked like she had gotten a tummy tuck. And I don't mean just that her stomach was flatter than in real life, but that she had one of those fake belly buttons people are left with after such a procedure.

I love my dreams. Most people tell me that they never remember theirs, but I remember probably five dreams a week. This one wins the award for the most interesting dream I've had in a while.

Paul Rudd, you're welcome to redeem yourself tonight.


  1. I looooove Paul Rudd. Ever since Clueless I've loved him.

    But...I hated him in I Love You, Man. :(

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  2. I love Paul Rudd...I mean, LOVE him! Your dream was pretty interesting!!

    Thanks for the follow...I'm following you now too! Be sure to stop by my blog again and check out the fun art contest/giveway I'm hosting this week!!