Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Pokey Saga

Apparently my husband and I secrete some sort of pheromone that only stray dogs and unwanted kittens can smell. It tells them, "Come to our house! We will feed you and bathe you; and if we can't find your owners, we'll keep you until we find you a good home!" We've come into two pets this way so far: Sasha, a beautiful mixed breed with silky black hair, who now resides with my mother, and Mooshoo, a tabby kitten I saved from going to the animal shelter, whose new owner I found on Craigslist. Okay, so I'm not 100% positive that Mooshoo went to a nice home, but the girl seemed nice, and I was tired of the cat peeing all over Ender's belongings.

I noticed this dog sniffing around my neighbor's yard on Friday afternoon. It had a collar on, so I didn't think much of it. It seems like many of the people in this neighborhood feel like they have the right to let their dogs roam around all willy nilly, pooping wherever they please.

I saw the dog again later on sniffing around another neighbor's house. The forcasted storm for that evening was blowing in, so I called it over. She (I quickly figured out it was a girl dog) had a current rabies vaccination and animal licence, but, unfortunately, the vet's office and animal control were both closed for the evening. She was really dirty so I decided it was time to give her a bath. Of course, my husband resisted, but the thought of this poor dog having to stay outside all night while it stormed reduced me to tears, so before long I was scrubbing her down with blueberry scented doggy shampoo.

Thankfully, the vet's office had Saturday hours, so I called and got the owner's name and number. I had to leave a message for them, and while I was waiting for their call I decided to take a shower. Of course, I hadn't been in the shower for five minutes before they called. My husband said the lady was crying, she was so happy. They only lived a couple of streets over, so they came and got her right away - I was in the shower for the entire transaction. Apparently, the dog's name is "Pokey" - interesting. But I shouldn't talk, because my dogs are named after cartoon characters as well, and I named my son after a sci fi novel.

I'm glad everything worked out and that Pokey is back where she belongs....even though my husband ended up getting all the glory.


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